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Sweet Shop

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We’re bringing back a retro vibe at Ronnie and Ruby with a blast with some of the all time favourite sweets in a fun filled exclusive print.   

 All of our garments are professionally serged, also including an enclosed stitched elasticated waist band in Leggings, Harems and Skirts to prevent twists. Raglan dresses and tops from September will automatically made with long back sleeves to match the fabric. if you’d prefer a short sleeve please leave a note at the checkout. 


Waist measurements come as standard below: (shown in inches), if you need a certain waist measurement please leave a note at the checkout 


0-3m (14.5), 3-6m (15.5), 6-9m (16), 9-12m (16.5), 12-18m (17.25), 18-24m (18), 2-3yr (18.5) 3-4yr (19), 4-5yr (19.5), 5-6yr (20)


Wash on a low temperature (30) inside out to prolong wear and do not tumble dry. Please note some natural colour fading may occur. 

92% Cotton 8% Lycra 

If you need any other information or questions please feel free to email - info@ronnieandruby.com