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Welcome to Ronnie and Ruby's Autumn/Winter Collection 19.

We Have huge range of products that you can pre order for just £8 per item, Simply select how many items you want to add to the basket, then at the checkout option please state the fabric choice and item you would like and size in each piece. Please add your email also in the notes for the remainder of the invoice that will be due on 28th August 2019 which will be invoiced over to you to be paid by that date. All orders will be dispatched onwards after the first two weeks of September.

We're adding new products for Autumn/Winter so theres a huge range to choose from including Bomber Jackets!

Our prices don't change and are the same as other products listed on the website, you can find a run down below on whats available and sizes below.

Leggings or Harems: Newborn -9-12m- £13, 12-18m-£14, 18-24m-£15, 2-3yrs- £16, 3-4yrs-£17, 4-5yrs-£18, 5-6yrs-£19.

Rompers: Newborn-9-12m- £24, 12-18m-£25, 18-24m-£26, 2-3yrs-£27, 3-4yrs-£28.

Raglan T-shirt dress (long sleeve) Newborn-9-12m- £19, 12-18m-£20, 18-24m-£21, 2-3yrs-£22, 3-4yrs-£24, 4-5yrs-£26, 5-6yrs-£28.

Pinafore Dress: Newborn- 9-12m-£16, 12-18m-£17, 18-24m-£18, 2-3yrs-£20, 3-4yrs-£22, 4-5yrs-£24, 5-6yrs-£26.

Raglan T-shirt (Long Sleeve): Newborn-9-12m- £15, 12-18m-£16, 18-24m-£17, 2-3yrs-£18, 3-4yrs-£19, 4-5yrs-£20, 5-6yrs-£21.

Skirts: Newborn-9-12m-£13, 12-18m-£14, 18-24m-£15, 2-3yrs-£16, 3-4yrs-£18, 4-5yrs-£20, 5-6yrs-£22.

Bomber Jackets: Newborn-9-12m £22 12-18m-£23, 18-24m-£23.50, 2-3yrs-£24 3-4yrs-£25, 4-5yrs-£26, 5-6yrs-£27.

Jumpers: Newborn-9-12m £15, 12-18m-£16, 18-24m-£17, 2-3yrs-£18, 3-4yrs-£19, 4-5yrs-£20, 5-6yrs-£21.

Long Legged Spring Romper: Newborn-9-12m £23, 12-18m-£24, 18-24m-£26, 2-3yrs-£28, 3-4yrs-£30, 4-5yrs-£32, 5-6yrs-£34

Older Kids Leggings: 6-7yrs-£21.00, 7-8yrs-£22, 8-9yrs-£23, 9-10yrs-£24, 10-11yrs-£26, 11-12yrs-£28, 12-13yrs-£30, 13-14yrs-£32.

Mamma Leggings: xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxlx all £36.

Mamma Skirts: xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxl all £29.